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Playing with Souls is a 1925 American silent drama film directed by Ralph Ince and starring Jacqueline Logan, Mary Astor and Clive Brook. The film is considered lost.

== Cast ==
Jacqueline Logan as Bricotte
Mary Astor as Margo
Belle Bennett as Amy Dale
Clive Brook as Matthew Dale Sr.
William Collier Jr. as Matthew Dale Jr.
Jessie Arnold as Louise
Marion Feducha as Matthew Dale Jr. - age 13
Helen Hoge as Matthew Dale Jr., age 4
Josef Swickard as Monsieur Jomier
Bernard Berger as Boy
Mathilde Comont as Brothel Worker
Louise Emmons as Undetermined Secondary Role
Kenneth Johnson as French Boy
Charles Hill Mailes as Undetermined Secondary Role

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== Bibliography ==
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