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Mundhanai Mudichu is a 2010 Indian Tamil-language soap opera that aired on Sun TV. The show premiered from 26 April 2010 to 4 April 2015 for 1,325 episodes. It aired Monday through Saturday at 6:00PM IST. The show stars Delhi Kumar, Shree Durga, Manoharan Krishnan, Rani and Hemalatha
The show produced by Cine Times Entertainment and Directed by  Salem Siva MP, P.Selvam, Sundar.K.Vijayan,Saadhasivam Perumal. and Creative Head by Siddhiq.The "Mundhanai Mudichu" theme song was written by lyricist Vairamuthu and composed by Kumar and Pandiyan. Other music for the serial is provided by G. V. Kalaikathir. It also airs in Sri Lanka on the Tamil channel Vasantham TV.

== Plot ==
The Story is about Kandaswamy and his family. Prema wants to destroy Kandaswamy and his family because she thinks that her father was killed by Kandaswamy. So, she makes lot of evil plans and gives troubles to Kandaswamy's family but Kavitha, eldest daughter-in-law of the family, stands against her and saves the family from Prema.

== Cast ==

=== Main ===
Delhi Kumar as Kanthasamy (Episode 1-1325)
Manoharan as Muthukumar (1-1325)
Shree Durga as Kavitha Muthukumar (405-1325)
Soniya as Meena Madhavan (Madhavan's 1st wife) (1100-1325)
Maanas Chavali as Madhavan (558-1325)
Rani as Prema Pazhaniyappan (989-1325)

=== Recurring ===
Prakash Rajan as Saravanan
Srisha as Vasanthi Saravanan
Kurunji Nathan as Karthik
Durga as Swathi Karthik
Jyothi as Thenmozhi
Thilla as Pazhaniyappan (Kanthasamy Brother, Prema's husband)
Vetrivelan as Ranjith Raj
Hari Priya as Anitha Ranjith Raj
Sridhar as Rathnam Madhavan's father
Geetha Saraswathi as Uma Madhavan's mother
Srividya Natrajan as Avanthika Madhavan (Madhavan's 2nd Wife)
Rekha Suresh as Avanthika's mother
Madhu Mohan as Avanthika's father
Unknown as Karuppu
Sreeja Chandran as Tamizharasi
Sri Vidhya Shankar as Tamizharasi's biological mother
Sivan Srinivasan as Tamilzharasi's biological father
Vijayalakshmi as Nandhini
Sri Vidhya as Kavitha Muthukumar (replaced by Shree Durga)
Raviprakash as Annamalai (replaced by Mohan Sharma)
Vineetha Shalini as Meena Madhavan (replaced by Soniya)
Ramya Shankar/Priyanka/Krithiga/Pooja Lokesh as Prema Pazhanisamy (replaced by Rani)
Pooja as Thenmozhi (replaced by Jyothi)
Bhavani as Avanthika's mother (replaced by Rekha Suresh)
Sruthi as Priya (Tamizharasi's friend, died in serial, killed by Ashok)
Vijay Anand/Sharvan as Ashok (replaced by Nesan, Priya's affair, jailed)
Kovai Krishnan as Thangarasu (Ashok's father, died in serial)
Vijayalakshmi as Ashok's mother (Replaced by J.Lalitha)
Sangeetha as Sailatha
Bhuvana as Prema's mother (replaced by Revathi Shankar)
S. N. Lakshmi as Kanthasamy Pazhaniyappan Mother (replaced by Vatsala Rajagopal)
S. N. Parvathi as Meenakshi, Sadhasivam's mother
Kuyili as Meenakshi (Kavitha's, Vasanthi's and Swathi's mother, died in the serial, killed by Prema)
Mohan Sharma as Annamalai (Kavitha's, Vasanthi's and Swathi's father, Died in the serial, killed by Sadhasivam)
Sulakshana as Krishnaveni Kanthasamy (Died in the serial, killed by Prema)
Vatsala Rajagopal as Kanthasamy, Pazhaniyappan Mother (Died in the serial, killed by Prema)
Pollachi Babu as Sadhasivam (jailed)
Revathi Sankar as Prema's mother (died in the serial)
Rajkumar Manoharan as Meena's ex-lover (dead in serial, killed by Madhavan)
Hemalatha as Vedhavalli (Pazhaniyappan First Wife, Killed By Pazhaniyappan)

== Broadcast ==
The series aired Monday through Friday in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh on Gemini TV and was dubbed in Telugu as Kongumudi. The series also aired in Sri Lanka on the Tamil channel Vasantham TV.

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