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Louth (Irish: Lú) is a barony in County Louth, Republic of Ireland.

== Etymology ==
Louth barony is named after the village of Louth (Irish: Lú, named after the god Lugh).

== Location ==
Louth barony is found in central County Louth, mostly between the River Glyde and River Fane.
Louth barony is bordered to the north by Upper Dundalk; to the south by Ardee; and to the west by Farney, County Monaghan.

== History ==
Louth barony was formed from Ludha, or Lugha, the country of the Ó Cearbhaill Oirialla (O'Carroll of Oriel).

== List of settlements ==
Below is a list of settlements in Louth barony:


== References ==