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Ifeoma may refer to:

Ifeoma Aggrey-Fynn (1980–2015), Ghanaian-Nigerian media personality, writer and public speaker
Ifeoma Ajunwa (born 1980), Nigerian-American writer and professor of labor relations, law, and history
Ifeoma Dieke (born 1981), American-born Scottish football defender
Ifeoma Iheanacho (born 1988), Nigerian wrestler
Ifeoma Malo, Nigerian lawyer
Ifeoma Mbanugo (born 1952), Nigerian long-distance runner
Ifeoma Nwoye (born 1993), Nigerian wrestler
Ifeoma Okoye, Nigerian author
Ifeoma Onumonu, American professional soccer player
Ifeoma Onyefulu (born 1959), Nigerian children's author
Ifeoma Ozoeze (born 1971), Italian heptathlete
Ifeoma Ozoma, American policy expert and equity advocate
Ifeoma Uddoh, Nigerian social entrepreneur