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Khubeza patties (Hebrew: קציצות חוביזה‎) are fried patties made of khubeza, a variety of a mallow native to the Levant region) combined with bulgur or bread crumbs, eggs, spices, garlic and onions. 

== History ==
During the siege of Jerusalem, when convoys of food could not reach the city, residents of Jerusalem went out to the fields to pick khubeza, a wild green which is high in iron and vitamins. The Jerusalem radio station, Kol Hamagen, broadcast instructions for cooking it that were picked up in Jordan convinced the Arabs that the Jews were dying of starvation and victory was at hand.Food writers in Israel have encouraged the population to prepare khubeza on Israel Independence Day.

== Variations ==
Jew's mallow (molokhia) leaves can be used instead of Khubeza. Khubeza can also be used to make soup.

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