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Critical Mass is a 2001 low budget action film released direct-to-video. It starred Treat Williams, Lori Loughlin, and Udo Kier and was directed by Fred Olen Ray, credited as Ed Raymond. The film features scenes taken straight from other films such as Terminator 2: Judgment Day and Universal Soldier spliced into newly filmed scenes to make up its action sequences.

== Plot ==
The film centers around a group of terrorist who take over a nuclear power plant and a security guard at the plant who tries to stop them.

== Cast ==
Treat Williams as Mike Jeffers
Udo Kier as Samson
Lori Loughlin as Janine
Blake Clark as Sheriff Borden
Doug McKeon as Breem
Andrew Prine as Sen. Cook
Richard McGonagle as Alan Gould
Shanna Moakler as Alexandra
T.J. Thyne as Karl Wendt
Charles Cyphers as Henderson
Jack Betts as Atty. Gen. Ames

== Reception ==
Website Cool Target called it "enjoyable action nonsense" and stated: "Recycled footage to this extent is just lazy and kind of insulting but if you can get past this, Critical Mass is an enjoyably amusing low rent shoot-em up." Moria.co gave the film only one star out of five, calling it "yet another version on Die Hard (1988) and the basic plot template it created of a lone individualistic hero inside a large building/facility single-handedly fending off a terrorist plot." 

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