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S11, S-11, S.XI or S.11 may refer to:

In military
Fokker S-11, a two-seat aircraft used primarily as a flight trainer by the air forces of many countries
HMS Orpheus (S11), a United Kingdom Royal Navy submarine commissioned in 1959
SPAD S.XI, a French two-seat biplane reconnaissance aircraft of the First World War
USS S-11 (SS-116), a 1921 S-class submarine of the United States NavyIn transportation
S11 (Nissan Silvia), a car
S11 (Rhine-Ruhr S-Bahn), a public transportation route in Germany
Expressway S11 (Poland), a partially completed public express route in Poland
County Route S11 (California), a road in the United States
LSWR S11 class, a model of steam locomotive
SABCA S-11, a 1931 Belgian aircraft, one prototype built
a Hamburg S-Bahn line
a Stadtbahn Karlsruhe line
Rans S-11 Pursuit light aircraftOther
S11 (classification) is a type of freestyle disability swimming classification for blind swimmers.
S11 (protest), the protests at the meeting of the World Economic Forum in Melbourne, Australia on September 11, 2000.
September 11, 2001 attacks
S11 = $ used as a term to describe the US Dollar, the letter S with two lines through it
S11 postcode, covering areas of south western Sheffield
British NVC community S11, a swamps and tall-herb fens community in the British National Vegetation Classification system
an S-Parameter in a 2-port Radio Frequency network
the name given to the titular Sharktopus in the 2010 Sci Fi Pictures original film.S11 may refer to :

a cyclic allotrope of sulfur

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