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Khon Uad Phee (Thai: คนอวดผี, RTGS: Khon Uat Phi, since November 3, 2010) or Man vs Ghost is a Thai variety talk show television programme about ghosts and life after death. It's the most famous ghost television of Thailand. The sections of television programme: Clip Battle, Soun Bantao Tuk Phee (Ghost and karma solution by supernatural belief), La Tha Phee (Ghost Hunter) and Kho Kid Chak Khun Riew (Ideas from Mr. Riew)

== Broadcast ==

=== 2010-2011 ===
Via Channel 7 (Thailand) by Workpoint Entertainment. Airdates on November 3, 2010 until December 28, 2011 11.05 PM. - 01.05 AM. (UTC+7)

=== 2012-present ===
Via Channel 5 by Workpoint Entertainment. Airdates since January 4, 2012 10.35 PM. - 00.20 AM. (UTC+7)

== Television moderators ==

=== Main(Hosts) ===
Krit Sripoomseth (Krit)
Kapon Tongplub (Pong)
Boriboon Chanrueng (Tuk)
Panrawat Limrattanaaphon (Riew)
Chenchira Riabroicharoen (Jane)
Pharanyu Rotchanawuthitham (Taek)

=== Guest ===
Nong Choosak Eamsuk (replaced Tuk Boriboon) (November 10 and 17, 2010)
Gift Wattana Kamthonthip (replaced Tuk Boriboon) (December 1, 2010)
Gung Worrachat Thammawichin (replaced Tuk Boriboon) (November 2, 2011)

== Sections of programme ==

=== Clip Battle ===
Three moderators (Krit, Pong and Tuk) bring each own clip see the ghost in Thailand or other countries to compete. Whose least one will be punished. In several week, it may be have a clip from Thailand people that he will get 5,000 baht.

==== Clip from Thailand ====

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