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Nadir is both a surname and a given name that is a variation of Nader. 
In the Arabic language, it is a boy's name meaning "dear", "scarce" or "precious."
(Arabic writing: نادر) Notable people with the name include:

== Persons ==

=== Given name ===
Nadir Afonso (born 1920), Portuguese painter
Nadir Belhadj (born 1982), footballer
Nadir Çiftçi, Turkish footballer
Nadir Godrej, Indian industrialist

=== Middle name ===
Mehmet Nadir Ünal (born 1993), Turkish kickboxer and amateur boxer
Mohammed Nadir Shah (1883–1933), King of Afghanistan from 1929 to 1933

=== Surname ===
Asil Nadir (born 1941), Turkish Cypriot businessman
Kerime Nadir (1917–1984), Turkish writer
Moyshe Nadir (1885–1943), American writer and satirist

=== Fictional character ===
Zain Nadir, a The Bill character
Abed Nadir, a Community character
Nadir Khan, Known as "The Persian" in the Gaston Leroux novel The Phantom of the Opera, given this name in the 1990 adaptation by Susan Kay, Phantom.

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