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Qianfeng District (simplified Chinese: 前锋区; traditional Chinese: 前鋒區; pinyin: Qiánfēng Qū) is a district of the prefecture-level city of Guang'an in Sichuan province, China.  It was created in February 2013 by splitting off a subdistrict, seven towns and five townships from Guang'an District.  It governs an area of more than 500 square kilometres (190 sq mi). The seat of the district is at Qianfeng Town.

== Administrative divisions ==
Qianfeng District is divided into one subdistrict, seven towns, and five townships:
Kuige Subdistrict (奎阁街道)
Qianfeng Town (前锋)
Daishi Town (代市)
Guantang Town (观塘)
Hu'an Town (护安)
Guangxing Town (广兴)
Guange Town (观阁)
Guixing Town (桂兴)
Guanghui Township (光辉)
Longtan Township (龙滩)
Xiaojing Township (小井)
Xinqiao Township (新桥)
Hucheng Township (虎城)

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