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The Coat of Arms of Greater Mumbai (used by the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, the governing body of the city of Mumbai) is the official coat of arms of the city of Mumbai. It is a four-panel shield supported by an intertwining floral border in gold.

== Design ==
It is a four-panel shield supported by an intertwining floral border in gold and features a lotus in bloom, an emblem of purity and beauty, at the bottom, and is surmounted lion puissant. 

Top Left
The Gateway of India, one of Mumbai’s most prominent landmarks, signifies the position of Mumbai as a veritable gateway to India.
Top Right
A symbolic factory inscribed in a cog wheel signifies the industrial importance of Mumbai.
Bottom Left
The three sailing ships in outline denote Mumbai’s pre-eminence as a port and commercial centre.
Bottom Right
A symbolized diagram of the Corporation building depicting the seat of Local Self Government in Mumbai.The motto यतो धर्मस्ततो जय:, Yato Dharmas Tato Jayaḥ, (Where there is Righteousness, there shall be Victory)  in Sanskrit is inscribed in gold at the bottom.

== History ==
The Coat of Arms for the city of Bombay was introduced by the Bombay Presidency in 1888. It depicted a lion puissant holding a shield, consisting of: 

Top Left
The elephant from the Coat of Arms of Bombay Province, signifying Mumbai as its capital.
Top Right
A locomotive engine, signifying Mumbai's importance as the location of the first railway route in Asia.
Bottom Right
Saint George's Cross, the Flag of England
Bottom Left
Blazon of the Coat of Arms of the United KingdomThe current design draws inspiration from this former design.

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