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Rhododendron lapponicum (高山杜鹃), the Lapland rosebay, is a dwarf rhododendron species found in subarctic regions of North America, Europe and Asia, where it grows at altitudes ranging from sea level to 1,900 m (6,200 ft). It is an evergreen prostrate shrub growing to 20–45 cm (7.9–17.7 in) in height, with leaves that are oblong-elliptic or ovate-elliptic to oblong-obovate, 0.4–1.5 by 0.2–0.5 cm in size. The flowers are reddish or purple.
Despite numerous attempts, this dwarf species has proved difficult to cultivate, possibly because it requires very cool, moist conditions and snow cover for part of the year.

== Synonyms ==
Azalea lapponica L.
Rhododendron confertissimum Nakai
Rhododendron lapponicum subsp. parvifolium (Adams) T. Yamaz.
Rhododendron palustre Turcz.
Rhododendron parviflorum F. Schmidt
Rhododendron parvifolium Adams
Rhododendron parvifolium subsp. confertissimum (Nakai) A.P. Khokhr.

== References ==

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