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Provincial Trunk Highway 7 (PTH 7) is a provincial primary highway located in the Canadian province of Manitoba.  It runs from the north limit of the city of Winnipeg (where it meets with Route 90/Brookside Blvd.) north to Arborg, Manitoba where it intersects with PTH 68. The highway is twinned from Winnipeg to just north of PTH 67, an east-west route that provides access to the Town of Stonewall.

== History ==
PTH 7 first appeared on the 1928 Manitoba Highway Map as a short feeder route connecting Stonewall and Winnipeg. When PTH 6 was opened to traffic in 1947, it incorporated a small portion of the original PTH 7. That same year, a second leg of PTH 7 was opened connecting Stony Mountain to Teulon.PTH 7 was rerouted through Stony Mountain in 1951, bypassing Stonewall completely. It extended further north to the village of Komarno the following year, and to Fraserwood in 1955.In 1956, PTH 7 was extended west of Fraserwood on to what is now PTH 17 as far as Narcisse. The highway was extended to Chatfield the following year, before reaching PTH 68 at Poplarfield in 1959. PTH 7 was extended to Fisher Branch in 1960.In 1966, PTH 7 was reconfigured to its current northern terminus with PTH 68 at Arborg from Fraserwood, and the route between Fraserwood and Fisher Branch was redesignated as PTH 16. The original route was given its current PTH 17 designation in 1977.

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