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Let the People Sing is a 1942 British comedy film directed by John Baxter, and starring Alastair Sim, Fred Emney and Edward Rigby. The film's sets were designed by R. Holmes Paul. It was made at Elstree Studios.The screenplay concerns a small town that bands together to try to save their music hall from closure. It was based on the novel Let the People Sing by J. B. Priestley.

== Main cast ==
Alastair Sim as Professor Ernst Kronak
Fred Emney as Sir George Denberry-Baxter
Edward Rigby as Timmy Tiverton
Oliver Wakefield as Sir Reginald Foxfield
Patricia Roc as Hope Ollerton
Annie Esmond as Lady Foxfield
Marian Spencer as Lady Shepshod
Olive Sloane as Daisy Barley
Maire O'Neill as Mrs. Mitterley
Gus McNaughton as Ketley
Charles Hawtrey as Young Orton
Peter Gawthorne as Major Shiptonthorpe
Aubrey Mallalieu as Commander Spofforth
G.H. Mulcaster as Inspector
Wally Patch as Sam
Horace Kenney as Walter Shepton
Morris Harvey as Jim Flagg
Ida Barr as Katie
Spencer Trevor as Colonel Hazelhead
Robert Atkins as Hassock
Diana Beaumont as Secretary
Syd Crossley as Uncle Alfred
A. Bromley Davenport as Agent
Charles Doe as Mayor
Alexander Field as Packles Junior
Ian Fleming as United Plastics barrister
Richard George as Tom Largs
Leopold Glasspoole as Pelham
Michael Martin Harvey as Handover
David Keir as Mr. Finningley
Henry B. Longhurst
Eliot Makeham as Town clerk
George Merritt as Police Sergeant
Mignon O'Doherty as Dr. Buckley
Stan Paskin as Attendant
Peter Ustinov as Dr. Bentika

== Critical reception ==
Time Out wrote "John Baxter was the British director probably least patronising and most sympathetic to the working classes and their culture during the '30s and '40s, and even if his films now often seem naïve and simplistic, it's good at least to see an honest and humorous attempt to deal with life outside Mayfair. Less scathing than Love on the Dole (his best known film), this adaptation of a JB Priestley novel is a spritely, vaguely Capra-esque comedy...Fred Emney steals the show as a government arbitrator susceptible to the charms of alcohol."

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== Bibliography ==
Murphy, Robert. Realism and Tinsel: Cinema and Society in Britain 1939-48. Routledge, 1992.

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