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The Beggar (Arabic: المتسول‎, translit. Al-Motasawel) is a 1983 Egyptian comedy film directed by Ahmed Al-Sabaawi and starring Adel Emam.

== Plot ==
Emam plays Hasanin, an uneducated man who leaves his small village to live with his uncle's family in the city.  After having no luck keeping a job, he must return to his village.  On the way, after getting kicked out of a mosque he tries to sleep at, he ends up in a homeless shelter that he discovers is actually run by a gang forcing people to beg in the streets after maiming them.  Hasanin is set out to pose as if he is a blind beggar.

== Primary cast ==
Adel Emam
Isaad Younis

== Reception ==
The film's depiction of beggars spurred a lawsuit by peasants against Imam, in which Imam prevailed.

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