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The May Seventh Cadre Schools (simplified Chinese: 五七干校; traditional Chinese: 五七幹校) were Chinese labor camps established during the Cultural Revolution that combined hard agricultural work with the study of Mao Zedong's writings in order to "re-educate" cadres and intellectuals in proper socialist thought.

== Further reading ==

=== Memoirs ===
Yang Jiang:《干校六记》- Six Chapters from My Life "Downunder", tr. Howard Goldblatt (University of Washington Press, 1988).

=== Fiction ===
Cao Wenxuan, Bronze and Sunflower, tr. Helen Wang (Walker Books, UK, 2015; Candlewick Press, USA, 2017).

=== Propaganda posters ===
May Seventh Cadre Schools in Chinese propaganda posters.

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