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Rosa Guraieb Kuri (20 May 1931 – 2 March 2014) was a Mexican pianist, music educator and composer of Lebanese ancestry. She was born in Matías Romero, Oaxaca, Mexico, and studied in Beirut with Michel Cheskinoff at the National Conservatory. She continued her education in Mexico with José Pablo Moncayo and Salvador Ordones Ochoa at the Conservatory of Mexico, then at Yale University and in Bayreuth, Germany.

== Works ==
Selected works include:

Me vas a dejar
Sonata para violín y piano
Pieza Ciclica
Palomita veloz
Puerto de arribo
Para entonces
La tardeHer works have been recorded and issued on CD, including:

Otoño Homage to Mexican composer Rosa Guraieb (2005)

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