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Narynkol (Kazakh: Нарынқол, Narynqol) - A village in Raiymbek District of Almaty Region of Kazakhstan. It is the administrative center Narynkolskogo rural district. Located near the border with China, about 82 km east-south-east (ESE) from Kegen, the administrative center of Raiymbek District, at an altitude of 1801 meters above sea level

== Population ==
In 1999, the village had a population of 8816 people (4371 men and 4445 women). [3] According to the 2009 census, the village population of 7731 people (3806 men and 3925 women)

== Economy ==
It is the number one producer of livestock and crop production in its agricultural area. The village pasture is filled with large grasslands, which is one of the main reasons for their success. The resulting animal products are the main source of livelihood of the population. Potatoes also make up a large portion of the Narynkoler economy.
In 1992, the Narynkol–Muzart border crossing with China was temporarily opened. It was hoped a highway would be built over the Muzart Pass (Xiate Trail), allowing this port to connect Kazakhstan with Tarim Basin. However, that never happened. Thus crossing was closed as it lacked traffic.

== Famous People ==
Muqagali Maqataev
Berdibek Sokpakbaev
Altinbek Carsenbayuli
Sagat Aşimbaev
Erkin Ibitanov
Zamanbek Nurqadilov
Beybit Daldenbaev
Toqqoja Muqaev
Nurbapa Omirzaqov
Edige Zharov

== References ==