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The Lost Hours, released in the United States as The Big Frame, is a 1952 British film noir directed by David MacDonald and starring Mark Stevens and Jean Kent. It was made at Denham Studios and on location in London.

== Plot summary ==
An American returns for a reunion in the United Kingdom, where he served as a pilot during the Second World War, but finds himself framed for a murder he didn't commit.

== Cast ==
Mark Stevens as Paul Smith
Jean Kent as Louise Parker
John Bentley as Clark Sutton
Garry Marsh as Insp. Foster
Cyril Smith as Det. Sgt. Roper
Dianne Foster as Dianne Wrigley
Bryan Coleman as Tom Wrigley
Leslie Perrins as Dr. Derek Morrison
Duncan Lamont as Bristow
John Horsley as Brown
Jack Lambert as John Parker
John Harvey as Kenneth Peters
Sam Kydd as Fred, mechanic at Bristow & Brown
Thora Hird as Hotel Maid
John Gabriel as Barman
Alastair Hunter as Commissionaire
Hal Osmond as Garage attendant
Ballard Berkeley as Minor role

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