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CCR may stand for:

== Arts and entertainment ==

=== Music ===
Creedence Clearwater Revival, an American rock band
Creedence Clearwater Revival (album), a 1968 debut album by Creedence Clearwater Revival
Creedence Clearwater Revisited, a rock band formed in 1995 by two former Creedence Clearwater Revival members
Cross Canadian Ragweed, a red dirt Country music band

=== Other uses in arts and entertainment ===
ChuChu Rocket!, a puzzle game for the Sega Dreamcast developed by Sonic Team in 1999
Yasuo Motoki, a fictional character in Wangan Midnight

== Law and prisons ==
California Code of Regulations, formerly the California Government Code
Center for Constitutional Rights, formerly the Emergency Civil Liberties Committee, a non-profit dedicated to civil and human rights law
Constitutional Court of Romania
Court for Crown Cases Reserved (abbreviation CCR is used in case citations)
Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions
Closed cell restricted or solitary confinement

== Organizations ==
Canadian Council for Refugees, a non-governmental organization that critiques the Government of Canada's public policy regarding refugee settlement and determination
Center for Cerebrovascular Research, A UCSF research organization specializing in cerebrovascular disease
Center for Constitutional Rights, a non-profit legal advocacy organization
Centre for Cross-cultural Research at the Australian National University, 1997–2008?
Chelmsford City Racecourse, a horse racing course in Essex, UK
Cistercian College, Roscrea, a Catholic boarding school for boys
Citizens for a Canadian Republic, an anti-monarchy group in Canada
Colonial Christian Republic (aka Hutaree) a United States right-wing Christian Militia group
Communität Casteller Ring, a German Lutheran Religious order for women
Rangpur Cadet College, Rangpur, Bangladesh
League for Catholic Counter-Reformation

== Science and technology ==

=== Biology and medicine ===
C-C motif receptor, beta chemokine receptor
Cardiocerebral resuscitation, a variation of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
Carbon catabolite repression, part of the adaptive metabolic control system
Chemokine receptor, a term in cell biology
Continuity of Care Record, a health record standard
Creatinine clearance rate, a measure of kidney/renal function
Crotonyl-CoA carboxylase/reductase, an enzyme

=== Electronics and computing ===
Center for Communications Research, two research centers (one in Princeton and the other in La Jolla) administered by the Institute for Defense Analyses
Cluster continuous replication, a form of data replication introduced in Microsoft Exchange 2007
Concurrency and Coordination Runtime, from the Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio
Condition Code Register, or status register, in computer processor architecture
Constant current regulator, an electronic circuit
Customer Configuration Repository, a service of Oracle Corporation's support for Oracle Database, subsequently known as Oracle Configuration Manager (OCM)

=== Other uses in science and technology ===
Canonical commutation relation, a concept in physics
Carbon capture readiness, a European Union energy generation requirement
Cargo control room of a tank-ship where the person in charge monitors and controls many aspects of liquid cargo movement
Coal combustion residuals, a term for Coal combustion products
Conradson Carbon Residue, in crude-oil refining, a measurement similar to Ramsbottom Carbon Residue and Micro Carbon Residue
Koenigsegg CCR, an automobile
Johnson–Corey–Chaykovsky reaction (shorthand notation is CCR).

== Sport ==
CEAT Cricket Ratings
Central City Rollergirls, an English roller derby league
Closed circuit rebreather (CCR), a type of self-contained underwater breathing apparatus used in scuba diving
Convict City Roller Derby League, based in Tasmania

== Transportation ==
Canada Central Railway
CCR S.A., a Brazilian toll road operator
Central Canada Railway, a predecessor to Northern Alberta Railways
Concord/Buchanan Field Airport (IATA airport code CCR)
Corinth and Counce Railroad

== Other uses ==
Calculated Course Rating, a component of the Golf Australia Handicap System
Calendar of the Close Rolls, book series translating and summarizing these medieval documents
Catholic Charismatic Renewal, a movement within the Catholic Church
Central Contractor Registration (CCR), a U.S. Government supplier database, replaced in 2012 by the System for Award Management (SAM)
Chandigarh Capital Region, urban area in and around Chandigarh, India
Circus Circus Reno, a hotel and casino located in Reno, Nevada
Combat Command Reserve, a level of military organization employed by the U.S. Army from 1942 to 1963
Consumer confidence report, an annual water quality report in the United States
Corporate credit rating, in investment, a bond credit rating assessing the credit worthiness of a corporation's debt issues
Curly Coated Retriever, a breed of dog

== See also ==
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