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No. 534 Squadron RAF was one of the ten Turbinlite nightfighter squadrons of the Royal Air Force during the Second World War.

== History ==
No. 534 Squadron was formed at RAF Tangmere, Sussex on 2 September 1942, from No. 1455 (Turbinlite) Flight, as part of No. 11 Group RAF in Fighter Command. Instead of operating only Turbinlite and -rudimentary- Airborne Intercept (AI) radar equipped aircraft (Havocs and Bostons) and working together with a normal nightfighter unit the unit now also flew with their own Hawker Hurricanes. It was disbanded at Tangmere on 25 January 1943, when Turbinlite squadrons were, due to lack of success on their part and the rapid development of AI radar, thought to be superfluous.

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