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Calliotropis is a genus of sea snails, marine gastropod mollusks in the family Eucyclidae.

== Taxonomy ==
According to the taxonomy of the Gastropoda by Bouchet & Rocroi, 2005) the genus Calliotropis is placed in the subfamily Calliotropinae within the family Chilodontidae.
New insights into the taxonomy of the Seguenzioidea were provided by Kano (2007).

== Description ==
The size of the shell of species in this genus is small to moderate. The iridescent shell is thin and contains a conspicuous umbilicus. Its sculpture shows spiral rows with many tubercles.
The shells resemble Solariella, but differ in the radula, which is longer, with a larger number of uncini. The teeth of the median part are less denticulated.

== Species ==
Species within the genus Calliotropis include:

Species brought into synonymy:Calliotropis (Calliotropis): synonym of Calliotropis L. Seguenza, 1903
Calliotropis (Solaricida) Dall, 1919 represented as Calliotropis L. Seguenza, 1903
Calliotropis ammonaformis Lee & Wu, 2001: synonym of Calliotropis annonaformis Lee & Wu, 2001
Calliotropis chalkeie Vilvens, 2007: synonym of Spinicalliotropis chalkeie (Vilvens, 2007) (original combination)
Calliotropis crystalophorus Marshall, 1979: synonym of Calliotropis crystalophora Marshall, 1979
Calliotropis ericius Vilvens, 2006: synonym of Spinicalliotropis ericius (Vilvens, 2006) (original combination)
Calliotropis lamellifera Jansen, 1994: synonym of Spinicalliotropis lamellifera'' (Jansen, 1994) (original combination)
Calliotropis scabriusculus (Watson, 1879): synonym of Calliotropis tiara (Watson, 1879)
Calliotropis solariellaformis Vilvens, 2006: synonym of Spinicalliotropis solariellaformis Vilvens, 2006 (original combination)
Calliotropis spinosa Poppe, Tagaro & Dekker, 2006: synonym of Spinicalliotropis spinosa

== References ==

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