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The Salmson B.9 was a French designed, nine-cylinder, water-cooled radial aero engine that was produced under license in Britain. The engine was produced between August 1914 and December 1918. The French version was designated 9B with a slightly increased capacity variant known as the R.9 or 9R. A further variant known as the M.9 or 9M unusually drove the propeller through a 90-degree gear train.

== Variants ==
Salmson B.9 (Salmson 9B)
140 horsepower (104 kW)
Salmson M.9 (Salmson 9M)
120 horsepower (89 kW), 90-degree propeller drive
Salmson R.9 (Salmson 9R)
160 horsepower (119 kW, increased bore to 140 mm.

== Applications ==
Salmson B.9Farman F.27
Short Admiralty Type 135
Short Type C
Short 830
Voisin LA.SSalmson M.9Blackburn Type L
Breguet U2
Voisin LASalmson R.9Farman F.27

== Engines on display ==
A watercooled, nine-cylinder Salmson engine is on public display at the London Science Museum.

== Specifications (B.9) ==
Data from Lumsden.

=== General characteristics ===
Type: Nine-cylinder, single-row, water-cooled radial engine
Bore: 122 mm (4.3 in)
Stroke: 140 mm (5.5 in)

=== Components ===
Valvetrain: Two overhead valves per cylinder
Cooling system: Water-cooled
Reduction gear: Direct drive, left hand tractor, right hand pusher

=== Performance ===
Power output: 104 kW (140 hp) at 1,250 rpm
Compression ratio: 5.16:1

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