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Farcaș, also Farkas, Farkaș or Farcas, was a cneaz (local chieftain or ruler) mentioned in the Diploma of the Joannites issued by king Béla IV of Hungary (1235–1270) on 2 July 1247; the diploma granted territories to the Knights Hospitaller in the Banate of Severin and Cumania. Farcaş held a kenazate which was given to the knights by the king. His kenazate lay in the northeast of modern Oltenia (in Romania).The diploma of Béla IV also refers to the kenazates of John and voivode Litovoi and to voivode Seneslau. Seneslau and Litovoi are expressly said to be Vlachs (Olati) in the king's diploma.Farcaş (Farkas) is a typical Hungarian name meaning ‘wolf’. The Romanian historian Ioan Aurel Pop suggests that his name is mentioned in Hungarian translation in the diploma, and  Farcaş's kenazate was one of the incipient Romanian states south of the Carpathian Mountains.According to the Hungarian historian István Vásáry, Farcaş was either Hungarian or Romanian with Hungarian name, but the latter supposition is less probable, since Lupu, the Romanian equivalent of Hungarian Farkas, was used by the Romanians.László Makkai proposes that the name of Vâlcea County could indicate the land of Farcaş (Slavic vlk (‘wolf’) > Vâlcea).

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