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Temozón Municipality is one of the 106 subdivisions of the State of Yucatán in Mexico. Its municipal seat is located in the City of Temozón.

== Location ==
This municipality is located in the eastern region of the state.  It is between latitudes 20° 48 'and 20° 57' north and longitudes 87° 47' and 88 ° 16' west.Its northern border is Calotmul - Tizimín, to the south is Valladolid, on the east Chemax and the west Espita and Uayma.

== Communities ==
The municipality is made up of 99 different communities, of which the most important are:
Temozón (Municipal Center)
Yokdzonot Presentado
Santa Rita

== Landmarks ==

=== Architectural ===
San Roman Church, built during the colonial period (probably in the eighteenth century). The church of San Antonio de Padua, and the municipal building.

=== Archeological ===
Ek' Balam

== References ==