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Baroon is a village in Lower Dir district of Pakistan, situated at a distance of about 11 km from Timergara, on the way from Timergara to Upper Dir, opposite to the main road, separated from the main road by Panjkora river.  The village contains many beautiful fields in which different crops are sown like rice, wheat, maize, different vegetables, however the massive flooding in 2010 affected the fields. Although most of the fruits gardens were swept away by the severe flood, still some fruits like Persimmon and Orange can be seen at some spots.

== Location ==
Baroon is a beautiful village situated on the northern bank of river Panjkora, opposite to Rani village. This village is situated at a distance of 12 km from the district head quarter Timergara.

== History ==
Two major tribes of Shinwari (شینواری) and Yousafzai (mekhail) are settled here. Both the tribes have a long history of living here.
Shinwari family are malak & ruling family of Baroon during Nawab Dir era.

== Population ==
The exact population of Baroon is not known, however the village consists of more than 700 house

== Climate ==
Like other parts of the district DIR LOWER, the village observe four seasons in a year i.e., Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. The seasons of spring and autumn are quite shorter as compared to long Summer and Winter. Due to climate change and global warming, the duration of winter has been reduced to two months, i.e., December and January.

== Education ==
Baroon has a primary and a middle school for boys and also for girls. A private school "IEMS School Baroon" has also been found. The education rate is increasing with the passage of time. Students from this village get their higher education in big cities of Pakistan. They are studying in Peshawar, Islamabad and other cities. Some students from Baroon are studying abroad as well.

== Sports ==
The most famous games played here are football, volleyball and cricket. Each year, in The Month of Ramadan a night sports gala is arranged in which cricket and football are played. Nowadays a cricket league "Baroon Super League, BSL" is in being played.

== Health Facilities ==
Currently, there is no notable health facility available in the village. In case of emergency or minor disease state, nearest health hospital is DHQ hospital, Timergara. In case of major issues, the patients are referred to Divisional Head Quarter Hospital Saidu or Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar.

== Villages Nearby ==
In the west, Munjai and Pindikas, In the east are Sacha Maira and Khal, In the South east is Rabat and South west is Ranai, which is adjacent to the village Danwah on the main Timergara-Dir road.