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Mother Nature's Kitchen is the debut album from the Scottish singer/songwriter Kevin McDermott with his band Kevin McDermott Orchestra.

== History ==

Following his solo album, Suffocation Blues, Kevin McDermott formed the Kevin McDermott Orchestra/KMO, with an initial line-up of Jim McDermott on drums, Steph Greer on bass, and Chris Bramble on percussion. They started performing the material that would become Mother Nature's Kitchen.McDermott distributed KMO demos to record companies, the recordings now without Bramble, and with Iain Harvie, and they were soon signed to Island Records.In 1989, KMO recorded Mother Nature’s Kitchen. The line-up for the album recording was Jim McDermott, Steph Greer, Robbie McIntosh, Blair Cowan, and David Crichton. Shortly after the recording was completed, Robbie McIntosh left to play for Paul McCartney, and Marco Rossi joined KMO on electric lead guitar.The album was named by The Sun newspaper as being number 37 in the list of "The best Scottish albums..ever".

== Track listing ==
All songs written by Kevin McDermott.

Wheels Of Wonder – 4:45
Slow Boat to Something Better – 3:54
King of Nothing – 4:18
Diamond – 3:20
Mother Nature's Kitchen – 4:47
Into the Blue – 3:40
Where We Were Meant To Be – 4:00
Statue to A Stone – 3:54
What Comes To Pass – 3:28
Suffocation Blues – 1:51
Angel – 4:32
Healing At The Harbour – 4:37

== Personnel ==
MusiciansKevin McDermott: Vocals and Rhythm Guitar Robbie McIntosh: Electric Lead Guitar Jim McDermott: Drums and Percussion 
Stephen Greer: Electric Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals Blair Cowan: Keyboards 
David Crichton: Fiddle
Rupert Black: Keyboards

Technical personnelEngineered by Kenny MacDonald, assisted by David Bowie
Cover photograph by David Hiscock

== References ==