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Smart Eye AB, is a Swedish high-tech company located in Gothenburg that develops and sells products for eye tracking. Eye tracking systems use digital cameras to track the movement of the eyes and gaze direction in real time. It is used for research applications and has potential applications in the automotive and consumer electronics sector. Smart Eye's products are sold directly and through resellers and partners worldwide.

== History ==
Smart Eye AB was founded in 1999 with a goal to provide real-time and completely non-invasive eye tracking.
2001 - Release of Smart Eye Pro, a system with flexible camera configuration2005 - Release of AntiSleep, a mono camera system built on cost efficient hardware for automotive use  2009 - Embedded AntiSleep, complete integrated mono camera automotive grade system running on BlackFin DSP
2012 - DR 120, dual camera eye tracker integrated in a computer monitor 2013 - Fully automatic initialization for Smart Eye Pro 2014 - Release of Blackbird, a reference system for the automotive industry
2015 - Release of Aurora, a removable, high-precision screen metering system
2016 - IPO at First North Nasdaq OMX Stockholm 
2017 - Release of Smart AI, a platform for multimodal In-Car Artificial Intelligence 

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