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Métis-sur-Mer is a city in the La Mitis Regional County Municipality within the Bas-Saint-Laurent region of Quebec, Canada. It had a population of 607 in the Canada 2011 Census.

== Etymology ==
The name "Métis" is said to come from a Mi'kmaq word meaning "meeting place"; "sur-mer" refers to its location on the Saint Lawrence River.

== History ==

From 1818, John MacNider, the Scottish Seigneur of Métis started settling the area with Scottish immigrants.
The city has a borough named MacNider, named after John MacNider family, whose territory corresponds to the former (pre-merger) village municipality of Métis-sur-Mer.(Metis Beach)At the end of the 19th century, wealthy anglophone Montrealers spent their time in Métis-sur-Mer to flee waves of cholera. At the beginning of the 20th century, they did so again to escape outbreaks of the Spanish flu. 
On July 4, 2002, the village of Métis-sur-Mer and the municipality of Les Boules merged to form the city of Métis-sur-Mer.

== Demographics ==
In the 2011 Census, Statistics Canada originally reported that Métis-sur-Mer had a population of 644 living in 298 of its 427 total dwellings, a 6.6% change from its 2006 population of 604. Statistics Canada subsequently amended the 2011 census results to a population of 607 living in 288 of its 417 total dwellings, a 0.5% change from 2006. With a land area of 48.63 km2 (18.78 sq mi), it had a population density of 12.482/km2 (32.328/sq mi) in 2011.

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