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Perkins Eastman is an international architecture, interior design, urban design, planning, landscape architecture, graphic design, and project management firm. Headquartered in New York City, United States, the firm is led by founding Principals Bradford Perkins and Mary-Jean Eastman.

== History ==
Bradford Perkins and Mary-Jean Eastman met at Llewelyn-Davies International, where Perkins served as the Managing Partner of the New York, Toronto, and Caracas offices. Both moved to Perkins + Will, where Bradford Perkins became the Managing Partner of the Eastern offices, and Eastman ran the major design studios.
In 1981, Perkins and Eastman left Perkins + Will and founded Attia & Perkins. In 1984, Attia & Perkins was reorganized as Perkins Eastman. Practice areas of the firm include: housing, higher education, hospitality, primary and secondary education, public, office and mixed-use, corporate interiors, research, religious and cultural facilities, and urban design.

== Leadership ==
In addition to Bradford Perkins and Mary-Jean Eastman, the firm is led by other Principal and Executive Directors: J. David Hoglund, Daniel J. Cinelli, Carl Ordemann, Alan Schlossberg, Shawn Basler, Jeffrey Brand, Nicholas Leahy, and Erich A. Burkhart.On January 25, 2019 the company named Basler and Leahy and the firm's general counsel, Andrew Adelhardt III, as co-CEOs.

== Growth and expansion ==
In 1999, the firm was merged with Susan Black Architects to create Perkins Eastman Black, the Toronto-based office of the firm.
In August 2005, Akol Architects of Oakland, California, merged its practice with Perkins Eastman. That same year, Perkins Eastman also acquired Larsen Shein Ginsberg Snyder LLP (LSGS) of New York City.Today, Perkins Eastman is one of the largest New York-based design firms per Crain’s New York Business, one of the largest architectural firms in the United States, among the 25 largest architecture firms in the world according to BD World Architecture 100, and the 16th-largest interior design firm. The firm maintains offices in: New York, (1981); Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1995); Stamford, Connecticut (1998); Charlotte, North Carolina (2001); Chicago, Illinois (2002); San Francisco, California (2005); Washington, DC (2005); and Boston, Massachusetts (2008). Internationally, Perkins Eastman operates in Toronto, Canada (1999); Dubai, United Arab Emirates (2006); Guayaquil, Ecuador (2008); Mumbai, India (2008); and Shanghai, China (2003), as a wholly foreign-owned enterprise (WFOE). In 2011, Perkins Eastman and Ehrenkrantz Eckstut & Kuhn Architects (EE&K) merged their practices. In 2015, the firm merged with California-based healthcare design firm Lee, Burkhart, Liu (LBL Architects). In 2018, the firm acquired Boston based Packard Design.

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