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Manada Creek is a 17.0-mile-long (27.4 km) tributary of Swatara Creek in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania in the United States. The watershed drains approximately 32 sq mi (83 km). The name is derived the Lenape word "menatey", meaning "island".

== Course ==
The creek is born in Blue Mountain at Fort Indiantown Gap,  East Hanover Township by the confluence of several branches, flowing southwest. The gap through the mountains which it flows through is known as Manada Gap. Later, it becomes the border of East Hanover and West Hanover townships, continuing to wind through forests and agricultural farmland before spilling into the Swatara Creek along the outskirts of the unincorporated community of Sand Beach.
The tributary Walnut Run joins Manada Creek in East Hanover Township.

== Variant names ==
The stream was known originally as Monody Creek. Several variant names not included by the Geographic Names Information System, but have been recorded through various sources:


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