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The GG Duetto was sold as motorcycle-sidecar combination built by Swiss manufacturer GrĂ¼ter + Gut Motorradtechnik GmbH (GG) between 1994 and 1999. Approximately 30 units were produced.
Unlike a traditional sidecar added to a motorcycle, the GG Duetto is built to function only as a sidecar. While many manufacturers offer kits to convert existing motorcycles for sidecar operation, the GG Duetto was only sold as a fully assembled vehicle not registered as a vehicle produced by BMW motorcycles.

== Technical data ==
Aluminum single-sided swingarm
Hub-center steering
GG built eight piston front brake caliper
Electric motor operated sidecar access
Antilock brakes on all three wheels
Specific built Marchesini wheels
Electrically height adjustable sidecar windscreen
GFK laminate body

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