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Roseau, Roseaux or Rosseau may refer to:

== Roseau ==
Roseau, the capital of Dominica
A type of common reed, or phragmite
Roseau River (Dominica), the river that runs through the city
Roseau, Saint Lucia, a town on the island
Roseau Valley, in St. Lucia
Roseau River (Saint Lucia), a river in Saint Lucia
Roseau, Minnesota, a city in Roseau County, Minnesota, USA
Roseau Lake, a lake in Roseau County, Minnesota, USA
Roseau County, Minnesota
Roseau River Anishinabe First Nation, in Manitoba, Canada
Roseau River (Manitoba), a tributary of the Red River of the North in Manitoba and Minnesota

== Roseaux ==
(plural of Roseau in French)

Roseaux, municipality in the Corail Arrondissement, in the Grand'Anse Department of Haiti
Roseaux (band), French music project
Roseaux (album), debut album of above band

== Rosseau ==
Rosseau, Cavaellon, Haiti, a village in Haiti
Rosseau, Ohio, an unincorporated community
Rosseau, Ontario, a community in Ontario, Canada
Lake Rosseau, a lake in Ontario, Canada
Gail Rosseau, an American surgeon
Jacques Rosseau, a French canoeist