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Jess is a unisex given name, often a short form (hypocorism) of Jessica, Jesse, Jessie, etc., and a surname. It may refer to:

== Given name ==
Jess Atkinson (born 1961), American football player
Jess Cain (1926–2008), American radio host
Jess Cates (born 1976), American songwriter
Jess Collins (1923–2004), American visual artist
Jess Conrad (born 1936), British actor
Jess H. Dickinson (born 1947), American judge
Jess E. DuBois (born 1934), American painter
Jess Folley (born 2003), English singer
Jess Glynne (born 1989), English singer and songwriter
Jess Hahn (1921–1998), American actor
Jess Harnell (born 1963), American voice actor
Jess Hartley (born 1967), American writer
Jess Herbst (born 1958), American politician
Jess Hill (1907–1993), American athlete and coach
Jess Hill, Australian investigative reporter and author
Jess Stonestreet Jackson, Jr. (1930-2011), American wine entrepreneur
Jess Klein (born 1974), American singer/songwriter
Jess Liaudin (born 1974), French mixed martial artist
Jess Lee (Canadian singer), Canadian country music singer
Jess Lee (Malaysian singer) (born 1988)
Jess Margera (born 1978), American drummer
Jess McMahon (1882-1954), American professional wrestling and professional boxing promoter, patriarch of the McMahon family of businesspeople and promoters
Jess Mortensen (1907-1962), American multi-sport college athlete and track-and-field coach
Jess Mowry (born 1960), American author
Jess Nevins (born 1966), American author
Jess Oppenheimer (1913–1988), American television writer
Jess Phillips (disambiguation)
Jess J. Present (1921–1998), American politician
Jess Richardson (1930-1975), American football player
Jess Robbins (1886–1973), American film director
Jess Roden (born 1947), British musician
Jess Roskelley (1982–2019), American mountaineer
Jess Row (born 1974), American writer
Jess Stacy (1904–1995), American jazz pianist
Jess Stearn (1914–2002), American journalist and author
Jess Thomas (1927–1993), American opera singer
Jess Thorup (born 1970), Danish former footballer
Jess Vanstrattan (born 1982), Australian soccer player
Jess von der Ahe (born 1966), American artist
Jess Walter (born 1965), American author
Jess Walton (born 1949), American actress
Jess Weixler (born 1981), American actress
Jess Willard (1881–1968), American boxer
Jess Winfield (born 1961), American writer
Jess Yates (1918–1993), British television presenter

== Surname ==
Carl Jess (1884–1948), Australian Army lieutenant general
Eoin Jess (born 1970), Scottish former footballer
Jim Jess (born 1955), retired Australian rules football player
John Jess (1922–2003), Australian politician
Matt Jess (born 1984), English rugby union player
Tyehimba Jess (born 1965), American poet
Walter Jess (born 1942), Canadian politician

== Fictional characters ==
Jess Bhamra, in the 2002 film Bend It Like Beckham
Jess Mariano, in the television series Gilmore Girls
Jess (Misfits), in the British television series Misfits
Jess (New Girl), the eponymous New Girl on the FOX sitcom.
Jess Riley, playable character in the survival horror game Until Dawn
Jess Squirrel, in the Redwall novels by Brian Jacques
Jess Tamblyn, in the Saga of Seven Suns novels by Kevin J. Anderson
Jess Warner, in the Australian soap opera Wentworth
Jess the cat, in the Postman Pat universe
Jess(e) in the Minecraft: Story Mode

== See also ==
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