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This is a list of bagpipers, organized by type of bagpipes.

== Historically notable bagpipers ==
King Edward VII, (1841–1910)
King Edward VIII, (1894–1972)
Daniel Laidlaw, (1875–1950), VC Piper to the Kings Own Scottish Borderers who received the Victoria Cross during World War I, the highest award for gallantry that can be awarded to British and Commonwealth forces

== Iranian ==

== Bulgarian gaidars ==
Kostadin Varimezov

== Highland bagpipes ==

== Northumbrian smallpipes ==

== Scottish smallpipes ==
Fred Morrison
Iain MacInnes
Brìghde Chaimbeul
Hello Goodbye

== Asturian bagpipers (gaiteros) ==

== Galician bagpipers (gaiteiros) ==
Anxo Lorenzo
Avelino Cachafeiro
Carlos Núñez
Cristina Pato
Susana Seivane

== Swedish bagpipes ==
Anders Norudde
Olle Gällmo
Per Gudmundson

== Uilleann pipes ==

== Other notable bagpipers ==

== Notable bands with nontraditional use of bagpipes ==

== See also ==

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== References ==