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Piet Piraat is a Flemish children's program written and produced by Studio 100. Shown in Belgium on Ketnet and in the Netherlands on Z@PP, Piet Piraat is a good-natured pirate who crosses the Seven Seas with his crew, getting into various adventures. The five-minute stories bear resemblance to  Studio 100's main production, Samson en Gert, and mostly deal with the same subject matter; "cheaters never win" and "honesty is the best policy".   

== Characters ==
The series features four characters.
Piet Piraat "Peter Pirate" (Peter Van De Velde): 
The captain of the Scheve Schuit (The Crooked Barge in English, although it is anything but crummy). He appears to be far more intelligent than the others and is always there to resolve any problems or fights.
Stien Struis "Steen Ostrich" (Anke Helsen): 
Strong, but a little dim, Stien tries to solve everything by using her strength, managing only to break stuff in the process.
Berend Brokkenpap "Barry Stuffinthecereal" (Dirk Bosschaert): 
The ship's chef, and a decidedly sneaky character. Berend is constantly causing problems, staging pranks and generally annoying the rest of the crew, but he always gets his comeuppance, only to fall back into his old behaviour after apologizing.
Steven Stil "Silent Steven" (Dirk van Vooren): 
His name translates to 'Silent Steve' since he is unable to talk. Although Steven is Berend's sidekick, he often finds himself on the receiving end of whatever it is that goes wrong.

== Movie ==
Like other Studio 100 characters Piet Piraat was given a feature-length movie; Het zwaard van Kapitein Zilvertand (Captain Silvertooth's Sword) was premiered in 2008 and featured Dutch actor Peter Faber as the Captain Teague-style nemesis.
Many other movies followed.

== Spin-off ==
There's currently a spin-off of the series called "Piet Piraat Wonderwaterwereld" ("Piet Pirate Wonderwaterworld").
In this series Piet teaches the little viewers things about the ocean. The other cast members are not seen in this show.

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