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Myrcianthes pungens is a species of plant in the family Myrtaceae. It is native to Brazil and Uruguay.

== Description ==
Myrcianthes pungens is a medium sized tree, up to 10 m high, with a not very compact cup, with a lot of pubescent branches. The leaves are alternate, petiole, stiff, oval oblong, obtuse and acuminate, 4–7 cm, with a strong green color on the outside and lighter on the underside. It has rough bark of light brown color with abundant removable scales of the bark. Internally the bark has a whitish color, and when cut, emits a soft aroma. The flowers are tiny, whitish, abundant and aromatic.
It presents small, globose fruits, 1 cm in diameter, dark purple when they reach maturity, with sweet and edible pulp and a large seed. It blooms from September to October and bears from November to January. It is found in the Paraguayan departments of Guaira and Caaguazú and in the Cordillera department.

== Distribution ==
It is cultivated as an ornamental plant in parks and gardens, being able as a shrub for colorful fences. The leaves can be used scattered on the ground in areas where flies abound, since when crushed they release a resin that drives them away.

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