[<< wikipedia] Argiles et Grès à Reptiles Formation
Argiles et Grès à Reptiles Formation, also known as the Argiles Rutilantes Formation is an early Maastrichtian French geologic formation in the département of Var preserving the remains of several types of dinosaurs and other extinct organisms.

== Fossil content ==
An abelisaurid similar to Arcovenator is known from Département des Bouches-du-Rhone, while enantiornithean and indeterminate avialan remains are known from Département du Var.

=== Dinosaurs ===

=== Crocodylians ===
Acynodon iberoccitanus
Allodaposuchus sp.
Alligatoridae indet.
Crocodylidae indet.

=== Turtles ===
Foxemys mechinorum
cf. Polysternon sp.
cf. Solemys sp.

=== Pterosaurs ===
Mistralazhdarcho maggii

=== Fish ===
Hybodontiformes indet.
Lepisosteidae indet.

=== Fossil eggs ===
Megaloolithus aureliensis
Megaloolithus petralta
Megaloolithus sp.

=== Flora ===
Peckichara cancellata
P. pectinata
Platychara caudata
Saportanella maslovi
?Amblyochara begudiana

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== References ==

=== Bibliography ===
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== Further reading ==
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