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Ohi Racecourse (大井競馬場, Ōi Keiba-jō), also known as Tokyo City Keiba (TCK), is located in Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan. Built in 1950 for horse racing, on weekends it also hosts one of the largest Tokyo-area flea markets. [1]
The racecourse is located near Ōi Keibajō Mae Station on the Tokyo Monorail.
The Tokyo City Cup held annually at Santa Anita Park in Arcadia, California honors the partnership between the American racetrack and Ohi Racecourse. In recognition of their relationship, TCK holds "Santa Anita Week" each summer which features the one mile G3 "Santa Anita Trophy".

== Notable races ==
Tokyo Daishōten(International Grade 1)
Tokyo Derby
Teio Sho
Tokyo Kinen
Japan Dirt Derby
Haneda Hai
Tokyo Princess Sho
Tokyo Nisai Yūshun Himba

== Former races ==
Tokyo Okan Sho - Ended in 2001

== See also ==
National Association of Racing

== References ==
Tokyo City Racecourse website (Japanese language)
Tokyo City Cup at Santa Anita Park official website