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Stockum is an urban borough of Düsseldorf. It is located north of Unterrath and Golzheim, east of Kaiserswerth, west of Lohausen and the Düsseldorf Airport, south of Kalkum.
Stockum has an area of 6.70 km² and 4,894 inhabitants.
Stockum became a part of Düsseldorf in 1909.
In 1971 the Düsseldorf Exhibition Center went to Stockum. 
It has 18 halls and an exhibition area of about 200,000 m². 
There is a huge park (Nordpark) in Stockum, too. In that park there is an aqua zoo and a Japanese garden.
North of the exhibition center there is the new multifunctional sports arena of Düsseldorf, the Esprit Arena.
Stockum belongs to the richest districts Düsseldorfs. The yearly average income lies at 60.697 Euro (stood 31. Dezember 2007).


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