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Esperanza is a municipality (municipio) of the Valverde province in the Dominican Republic. Within the municipality there are four municipal districts (distritos municipal): Boca de Mao, Jicomé, Maizal and Paradero.As of the 2002 census the municipality had a total population of 70,588 inhabitants, 52,732 living in its urban settlements and 17,856 in its rural districts (Secciones). 
For comparison with other municipalities and municipal districts see the list of municipalities and municipal districts of the Dominican Republic.

== Notable people ==
José Leclerc (born 1993), Major League Baseball Pitcher
Seranthony Domínguez (born 1994), major league baseball pitcher
Giselle Tavera, bachata singer
David Ortiz, Major league baseball first baseman
Hector Noesi, Major league baseball pitcher

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