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Nightmares Made Flesh is the second album by Swedish death metal band Bloodbath. It was released by Century Media Records on September 27, 2004. It was the band's only album to feature Peter Tägtgren on vocals (who was brought in to replace Mikael Åkerfeldt at the time), as well as the first to feature Opeth drummer Martin Axenrot to replace Dan Swanö as the drummer (with Swanö now playing guitar). This was Swanö's last album with Bloodbath.
The song "The Ascension" appeared on the two-part episode of Viva La Bam when the Margeras go to Europe.

== Reception ==

== Track listing ==
All tracks are written by Bloodbath.

== Credits ==
Writing, performance and production credits are adapted from the album liner notes.

=== Personnel ===

==== Bloodbath ====
Peter Tägtgren – lead vocals
Anders Nyström – guitar, bass, backing vocals
Dan Swanö – guitar, bass, backing vocals
Jonas Renkse – guitar, bass, backing vocals
Martin Axenrot – drums

==== Session musician ====
Simon Solomon (ex-Witchcraft) – lead guitar

==== Production ====
Jens Bogren – production, engineering
Bloodbath – production, engineering
Henrik Jonsson – mastering

==== Visual art ====
Agni Kastner – art direction, design
Andreas Hylthén – photography
Wes Benscoter – cover

=== Studios ===
Fascination Street, Örebro, Sweden – recording, mixing (May 2004)
Masters of Audio, Stockholm, Sweden – mastering

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