[<< wikinews] 2008 Taipei International Book Exhibition: Varied fiction books showed different authoring style
Wednesday, February 20, 2008 

At the 2008 Taipei International Book Exhibition, comic books and fiction books presented different authoring styles in formatting, story construction, and background settings. Examples of these were highlighted at two seminars entitled "On Trends in Creative Chinese Literature" and "From 'Shao Nu Xiao Yu' (少女小漁, meaning in English as "A Young Girl - Little Fish") to 'The Banquet Bug' (赴宴者)", as well as through recent fiction released by several publishers in Taiwan.

In the seminar about 'The Banquet Bug', a book, which has drawn by international media attention from "The Times", "Daily Mail", and "TIME Magazine", was recently translated into the Chinese language by John Chiang-sheng Kuo (郭強生). Taiwanese literature commentator Nan Fang Shou (南方朔, pen-name by Xin-ching Wang, 王杏慶) said the following at the seminar:

At the other seminar, "On Trends in Creative Chinese Literature", which focused on wuxia novels, famous Taiwanese novelist Da-chuen Chang (張大春) commented with some specialists on wuxia novels and said:

In fact, the novel and fiction authoring in Taiwan has generally been steady and varied with such examples and the maturation of independent authoring.

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