[<< wikinews] Papadopoulos eliminated in Cypriot election
Sunday, February 17, 2008 

According to exit-polls Cyprus president Tassos Papadopoulos has been defeated in the Cypriot presidential elections. In the closest election in Cyprus ever, Papadopoulos finished third, after right-winger Ioannis Kassoulides and communist Demetris Christofias.
Kasoulides won 33.51% of votes, compared to 33.29% for Christofias and 31.79% for Papadopoulos. The two remaining candidates will compete again in a run-off vote next Sunday. The current election is regarded as extremely important in reuniting the Turkish-controlled northern part of the island with Greece-oriented southern part, after having been divided for decades.
Papadopoulos, member of the Cypriot Democratic Party, has been in office since 2003.

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