[<< wikinews] Former 'American Idol' finalist Jessica Sierra pregnant
Sunday, December 23, 2007 
Jessica Sierra is pregnant, according to the Falkenburg Road Jail in Tampa, Florida, where she is imprisoned awaiting trial for charges of disorderly intoxication, violating parole and resisting arrest. Sierra became famous after once reaching the finals of American Idol.
Reports have been made by the prison infirmary that Sierra has been moved to a pregnancy diet and is confirmed to be pregnant. The father is said to be an unidentified rap musician.
Sierra had originally been due to go before a judge on the 20th, but her pregnancy has caused this to be postponed indefinitely.
Sierra was arrested on December 2 outside a local bar, and is being held without bond. Police claim that after they arrived, she first assaulted an officer then attempted to bribe him by offering to perform a sex act on him. Only two weeks earlier she had pleaded no contest to charges of battery and possessing cocaine. If she is convicted of all the new charges, she could be imprisoned for up to 11 years, which would mean she would have the baby whilst still in prison.
Sierra earlier pled not guilty to all charges.

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