[<< wikinews] Motorola to launch iTunes mobile phone
Friday, April 22, 2005 Motorola has recently confirmed plans that it will launch an iTunes compatible mobile phone. The firm, which released quarterly results on Friday, revealed that the phone would be available in a few months time.
There had been speculation that the wireless communications giant would scrap the phone after an underwhelming response from US operators, however CEO Ed Zander confirmed the company's intentions at the results presentation.
The phone, when launched, will allow users to easily download digital music from Apple's popular iTunes music store onto their handset. The combination of mobile phone and MP3 player is a long awaited example of the much touted "technological convergence" often mentioned by the industry's CEO's.
Wikinews will have a reporter live at Apple's WWDC keynote (when the software is likely to be released) on June 6 to cover the event.

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