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Thursday, May 5, 2005 

The 2005 UK general election was held on Thursday 5th May.  The election resulted in a third term for Tony Blair's Labour Party.
Below are the latest Wikinews stories on the campaigning parties and candidates.

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UUP leader loses seat in 2005 UK General ElectionFriday:

British Conservative leader Michael Howard to step down
Surprise win for RESPECT Party in UK 2005 General Election
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Exit polls are showing a 2.8% swing from Labour to Conservatives.Thursday:

Labour wins Sunderland South with 58.6%
Exit polls suggests Labour Win by a 4% majority.Monday:

UK Staffordshire South 2005 election postponed, because of the death of one of the candidates.April 30:

Immigration and asylum turn voters off UK Tories, according to opinion polls.April 29:

UK Party leaders questioned on BBC 'Question Time'April 26:

Potential Goldsmith leak worries Labour, excites oppositionApril 14:

Lib Dems launch manifesto, promising fairer taxation and an exit strategy from Iraq.April 13: 

Blair launches third and final manifesto, promising a freeze on income tax and new community police teams.
A Conservative Party candidate has embarrased the party by doctoring photographs in campaign literature.
Postal voting has been discouraged after widespread election fraud in the 2004 local and European elections.April 12: 

Liberal Democrat Party pauses to welcome Donald James Kennedy
Labour attack Tory economic policy, claiming the Conservatives will not be able to keep their savings pledges.
Conservative Party launches manifesto, promising £35 billion of savings and controls on immigration.April 5: 

Blair requests dissolution of Parliament, candidates go to the country for a May 5th election.

== Sources ==
AFP. "Britons vote with Blair the overwhelming — if unpopular — favourite" — Khaleej Times, May 5, 2005