[<< wikinews] 'Cartoons country' festival in Moscow: in pictures
Thursday, May 30, 2013 
This past weekend, a "Cartoons country" festival started in Moscow in Polyot ((en))Russian language: ‍flight cinema. The program included free access to cartoons in governmental cinemas network during the next week. The opening ceremony involved watching cartoons, a fair, and a chocolate fountain. The festival is run by "Kinoobedinenie for children and the youth" ((ru))Russian language: ‍«Кинообъединение для детей и молодёжи» and Association of animated pictures ((ru))Russian language: ‍Ассоциация анимационного кино.

== Sources ==

Екатерина Мокрова. "Москвичей приглашают в «Страну мультфильмов»" — Вечерняя Москва, May 25, 2013 (Russian)