[<< wikinews] Google doubles Gmail storage, adds text formatting
NB this subject is also covered in Gmail 1st Birthday; Storage capacity increased to 2GBSaturday, April 2, 2005 
On the first anniversary of Gmail's release, Google has announced that it will increase the amount of storage available for the users of the web-based email service from 1 GB to over 2 GB. Additionally, they have added formatting rich-text features to Gmail. According to a page at the Gmail Help Center, while not all accounts currently have the formatting features added, "over the next several weeks, we are introducing rich formatting to all of our users."
The increase in storage is announced on the main Gmail page with a JavaScript counter that increases the quoted available storage in relation to the current date. For example, on April 1 at 5 a.m. UTC the site announced 1025 MB available, 30 hours later — 2050 MB, and a week later it should announce a total of 2075 MB. 
Unless Google adjusts the code behind the counter, the text will read "Over 2075" after April 9.
Code analysis performed by Wikinews writer Pingswept, and while believed to be correct, is original reporting and has not been verified by any external source. A more technical analysis is available.

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