[<< wikinews] Tamil Nadu film 'Sivaji: The Boss' expectations peak
Friday, May 11, 2007 
Hoardings of Sivaji: The Boss have begun to appear around Chennai (capital of Tamil Nadu). This marks the nearing of the release date, which is currently at May 26. 
The fans have also began their countdown to the films release. The last Rajinikanth film was Chandramuhki back in 2005, which is still running in a few cinemas in Tamil Nadu and has broken many records. A few of the records it has broken were:

First Tamil film to film in Turkey.
Ran for more days than Haridas (previously owned the longest running film title).
Earning the most that a Tamil film has ever earned.Fans are eagerly awaiting the release. Ticket prices for the first day are expected to exceed Rs. 300.
Due to Sivaji: The Boss releasing soon there have been no films set to be released in May in Kollywood. Most films who had first decided to release in May have avoided doing so due to the release of Rajinikanth's film.

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